Anatomy Of A Creative Personality

I can still vividly remember my first watercolor set. It was a rectangular red box made of tin. As slender as it was long, each cell among the rows of color inside held such potential. Soon enough my color experiments would wash a patina over the formerly pristine paints and my lifelong journey as an artist was underway. With the relish of a dilettante I spent my youth experimenting with every creative pursuit I could finagle a way to finance. Dance, theater, fine arts and music all occupied me to varying degrees as I grew up, but I always felt the pressure to specialize.

The natural order of things allowing room for all of my wild expression, but standards of civilization (and college credits) required me to choose. It took me a very long time (and college credits) to settle into my groove and I got an incredible education in the process. I am an artist, designer and craftswoman. I easily embody these qualities as a serial entrepreneur, coach and collaborator. My slipcast ceramic sculptures appeal to the kitchy pop-surrealist within (I am a child of the 80's see above) while my homewares are designed with a natural aesthetic in mind (see left). 


Whether I am designing and building a prototype and mold, or dreaming up and crafting the Thanksgiving centerpiece, 'making' is central to my happiness and wellbeing, not just my artistic ambitions. I love and embrace technology (obviously) but without my "Luddite weekends" where I unplug from screens and use my hands to make things, I become unbalanced and unhappy. Fortunately that is easily remedied with one simple creative expression. Even when life is really hectic, I can always reframe my perspective with la petite derive. Wherever my day takes me I snap a few frames to keep my artist eyes exercised.

MAKE is a space to encourage #LudditeWeekends. A place to unplug from technology and reconnect with humanity. What do you do to stay sane in the digital age?