Something beautiful happens when women gather together in the spirit of sisterhood to witness one another, they blossom fully into their lives with confidence. We will gather online weekly inside of sacred space to honor one another wherever we may be on our journey, to support each other through our unique transformations and to raise joyful celebrations for those special moments when life is especially sweet. 

Give voice to what is on your heart and mind in a supportive environment of women who come together for the purpose of lifting one another up on the road of life. Ultimately, we are all just walking each other home as Ram Dass says. Witness is a check-in style circle which serves as a place for you to be seen and heard in a compassionate environment. We honor both the shadow and light inside of us all.

I facilitate all of my circles with important communication guidelines designed to foster trust and respect. We witness one another without judgment and with the highest standards of integrity. We ask for advice only if we need it and refrain from giving it without solicitation. Another credo of my teacher and sister of my heart, Pixie Lighthorse is to know what we need and ask for what we want. Trusting the dignity of this process to unfold, we expand both our graciousness and our courage. Learning and practicing this level of authenticity and integrity in communication is exhilarating!

The hour long circle will include time for meditative reflection, journaling, sharing with the collective. Participation is limited to 13 women each month. Registration for this monthly circle closes at Midnight MST on the 1st day of each month.   

An investment in four consecutive Thursday evening Witness circles in an investment in yourself. What a difference a month of circling with intent can make in one's life. We're so grateful to have you here. 

We meet online at 7 p.m. Mountain Standard Time from the 1st to the end of each calendar month.

Price: $55.00