The Silver Apples of the Moon ~ 13 Month Devotional Subscription


The Silver Apples of the Moon is thirteen month online moon circle.

Honor a strong commitment to living your lunar devotion in communion with a sisterhood of Selenophiles.

Philippe Caza – Psychedelic 

This is the circle for any woman who is seriously invested in deepening her self development through lunar practice:

  • You have the very best intentions, but the longest you've ever really consistently kept up your altar building practice is a few months. There are little remnants of candles and bits and bobs all over your altar (along with a few cobwebs) and you aren't even sure where to begin to resume your practice!
  • You are freshly infatuated with la luna (or fondly remember that delirious state!) and you can't get enough practice, rituals, devotions. Your altar is clean as a whistle, but you aren't exactly sure what you could be doing with it in the here and now for optimum results!
  • You have come running back to your practice because life has brought you to your knees and right now your faith is the only thing keeping you upright. You know at heart that you are the altar and you are reverently returning to your devotion.
  • You have come through the dark night, tools by your side, prayers on your lips, and you've survived, but now you are ready to thrive! You are already rocking and rolling and now you want to put all that intention into really growing!


This is the circle for any women who is longing to branch out  and grow her online community of Sisterhood:


  • We will meet in private online spaces and secret Facebook places.   
  • Each month you will receive a series of 3 emails over the three days of the Dark Moon and again over the three days of the Full Moon.
  • LIVE Question and Answer sessions on the waning quarter moons in our secret Facebook group.
  • Monthly live group check in on Google Meet (date and time TBD)


Course Components

AkagenoSaru, Summer Nights

This devotional group will move quickly! We will be following the moon through her relentless journey through the zodiac every 291/2 days. We will ritualistically observe new and full moon phases, as well as mark the waxing and waning quarter moon phases.

  • Email prompts will guide you through the three day portal of the new and full moons as you craft your own personal observations and rituals. These emails contain ideas for altar building, astrological analysis, audio recordings, journal prompts, ritual outlines and more!
  • Weekly content in the secret Facebook group alerting you to the changes in the moon moon as she transitions through the zodiac signs including how you can best utilize these energies for your day to day activities (electing by the moon)!
  • Accountability in "the real world" for taking tangible action on manifesting your magic! 

You will be:
~ Journaling intently~
~ Altar building religiously~ 
~ Spell casting consistently~
~ Unfurling your magic potential~


Undertaking this quest will bring you opportunities for growth, healing, and expansion. It will challenge and stretch you, in the most delightful ways. I can't promise it will be easy, but I can promise you one thing: You will be rewarded with the Silver Apples of the Moon for bravely completing it!


Payment Information


Monthly Subscription: $27.75 each month for a total of 13 Months.

You will be billed $27.75 automatically on the day of the month you make your first payment.


One time total payment discount!

Now offering subscribers a $60 discount if they would like to choose to make a one time payment of $300.00 for the entire 13 months of membership! That's a little over two months for free! Use THIS LINK to buy this option instead!



Price: $27.75