Erin Duffy Osswald is a creatrix practicing the healing and fine arts. She leads sacred circles, celebrates rites of passage and guides personal spiritual metamorphosis. She is a ceremonialist specializing in Earth Medicine Practice.

erin duffy osswald earth medicine practitioner

Welcome to The Telling of the Bees and the online home of Wild Rose Earth Medicine Practice. You have arrived at my digital apothecary and healing parlor, please nestle in for the journey! This is where I muse about the inherent wisdom in the wheel of the year and I teach you to discover how sweet life can be when seasons set the pace!

In addition to my podcast, "Practical Magic For Interesting Times" and my video series featuring Wise Women Conversations with my cohorts in magic, you will also find my full array of spiritual healing services and products listed here. Follow the links below to unlock more details!  

Become reacquainted with your birthright of natural wisdom...

Working with me you will learn a new kind of shadow dance that sweetly calls for you to embrace the wounds of your soul in order to transform them. Be empowered when you locate your spirit medicine and learn how to use it.

It is my sacred privilege to co-create and officiate rituals and ceremonies in ways that honor your soul and it's unique song. Centering around your vision, I will create elegant celebrations to commemorate your milestones and important events.


Wise Women Conversations :: Navigating Grief with Cathering Beerda Basso

I sat down with my dear friend and Earth Medicine School cohort, Catherine Beerda-Basso for a conversation around the topic of grief to share our thoughts on this important subject and also to illustrate some of the ways we have both navigated loss. Catherine and I have both experienced the deaths of significant loved ones in our life, as well as the loss of hopes and dreams for our lives. For us, shrinking from the pain and avoiding the grieving process wasn't the right choice. Embracing our pain and journeying into recovery wasn't an easy choice either, but one we are committed to as individuals who are here to experience ALL that our human lives offer us. Read more... about Wise Women Conversations :: Navigating Grief with Cathering Beerda Basso